Friday, 12 August 2011

I give some tips for your need and help in SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is the method of improving the quality or amount of traffic to a web-site through unpaid means as against paid marketing such as Google AdWords & is much simpler to learn than it sounds!

Plenty of people think that you require to have a promotion background or be able to read HTML to succeed in the SEO world - this is not true.

SEO is not a dark art or a complicated skill. One time you break it down there is important rule to keep in mind - relevance.

Search engine optimisation is often divided in to parts - on page & off page. On page SEO is things that you can change & manipulate on your web-site, & off page SEO is things you can do the same to away from your web-site. I don't think that either is more important than the other but both are necessary to start creeping up the rankings.

Let's look at on page SEO first. For me, this is the 'bread & butter' part of SEO. This is where relevance is at its most important. Imagine taking a look at a web-site of a company you had seldom heard of before, but only being able to see the text that appears on it. You can replicate this. Google 'Google view website' & go to the first results. You can enter your companies web-site here & it will show you how Google views your web-site.

Because of this, Google can only know what you tell it. Your on page SEO needs to tell the search engines about your web-site & what you sell or offer. Your keywords ought to appear on your web-site several times, in the page title, description & header tags - but keep in mind not to keyword stuff, keep the user in mind. If plenty of people find your web-site but all of them are put off by poor copy & design, there will be no left to buy your product or service.

It is not quantity that determines your web-site rankings however, but quality as well. Backlinks from sites that search engines think about to be important are more valuable. How do you tell which are more important? Download the Google Toolbar which gives you a Google Page Rank Tool. Google ranks each page it indexes out of 10; ten being the most important. The Google Page Rank tool shows you the Page Rank (PR) of the page you are taking a look at, enabling you to see which pages are deemed to be more important.

As for off page SEO; it is the part that shouts your web-site out to the world. Off page SEO is mostly concerned with building backlinks to your web-site. Backlinks are like votes, the more you get, the more your web-site is thought about to be nice or important.

The best backlinks to get are those that are from relevant blogs, sites & forums - places where potential customers are likely to look. So not only will your web-site be deemed more important by Google but relevant users will find you as well.

On page & off page SEO together, make definite that your web-site is relevant to the search terms you require to be found under, & then get the relevant people hearing about it.

There's of work plenty of more ways of optimising your website, but these things I have touched on are the basics. One time these are sorted, the rest becomes much simpler.